Eye-Biz Pte Ltd deals with the production, wholesale and distribution of exclusive house-brand frames in Europe, America and Asia. It undertakes the design, research and development for new eyewear and eyewear design innovations, with the objective in design innovations that break away from traditional eyewear design and construction.

In 2006, it won the iF awards at the internationally recognized design forum at Hannover, Germany for two of our patented products. Since then, our frames have been featured in various European news for their originality and breakthrough designs. Our revolutionary eyewear designs were also featured in the French newspaper “Le Figaro” and have appeared at numerous International optical fairs. We have also won several coveted international eyewear design awards including Red Dot 2007, IDEA 2008 Finalist, Silmo d’Or Special Mention for Sustainable Development 2008, Red Dot 2009, iF Material Award 2009 Gold, Silmo d’Or Special Prize <> 2009, the prestigious President’s Design Award Singapore 2009, Nominated for German Design Award 2010 and 2011, and IOFT Eyewear of the Year 2012 (Japan) and Red Dot Product Design 2012.

Eye-Biz Pte Ltd also does wholesale and distribution of the Clearvue Big Eyes 2 brand of color contact lenses.


International Design Excellence Awards 2008, Finalist

iF Material Award

2009: iF Material Award 2009 Gold
[iF International Forum Design, Germany]

President's Design Award 2009

[DesignSingapore Council]

Eyewear of the Year

2011: Eyewear of the Year 2012
[IOFT, Japan]

Red Dot Design Award 2007

[Red Dot Design, Singapore]

Red Dot Design Award 2009

[Red Dot Design, Singapore]

Red Dot Design Award 2012

[Red Dot Design, Singapore]



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  • Eyelet is the world’s first soft-lock system using nylon string to lock the lenses within the rims of the frame. It is Eco-friendly with no soldering involved, and the temples are made of recycled polymer. The full rim frame looks like a rimless frame, and its wearing comfort and weight are also comparable to a rimless frame. Wearers of rimless frames will find it easy to adopt Eyelet. It is more sturdy and durable than rimless frame, and balance well on the face unlike most thin rimless frame.

    Learn more about Eyelet

  • Glossi brings a brand new “dimension” in eyewear that emphasizes on vibrant & bright colors to light up your life. It is made of a strong, flexible translucent plastic polymer that is glossy (mirror effect), light weight, durable and comfortable to wear. The two temples are joined to the top bar, and a frame front of a different color is joined to the top bar by nylon string stitching. The two-color combination creates a third visual dimension to the whole glossi eyewear with a unique see-through overlapping color effect at the top bar. The wide range of colors also includes ‘safe’ colors such as black, brown, and grey to bring more choices to customers. A new eyewear experience – See the fun!

    Learn more about Glossi

  • Nature Eyes is a frame constructed without soldering, screws or hinges. It is an environmentally friendly eyewear that is RoHS compliant with international environment protection standards through the adoption of Eco-friendly processes in the production cycle. The patented buckle-lock system is used to secure the temples to the frame front.

    Nature Eyes uses recycled materials to reduce adverse environmental impacts and advocates corporate social responsibility and awareness. It has been accredited with the Green Label (Singapore). Ongoing applications of ecolabel certifications for Eco Mark (Japan) and Blue Angel (Germany) marks its commitment to the ʻgreenʼ cause..

    Learn more about Nature Eyes

  • Urband is a global and cosmopolitan brand fused with innovative and technological breakthroughs. It is constructed without soldering, screws or hinges. The conventional frame uses screws at the temple hinges to attach the temples to the frame front. Urband is a new invention utilizing an S-clip to attach the temples to the frame front.

    Learn more about Urband

  • Always fancy having bigger and brighter eyes? Now you can! No amount of money spent on makeup or cosmetic surgery can make your eyes actually look bigger. But pop on a pair of Big Eyes 2 by CLEARVUE and you'll be amazed by the difference! Big Eyes 2 has a unique ring that helps to enhance and define your eyes, making them bigger and brighter. Its high water content allows for longer lasting comfort. With 6 different shades, it has never been easier to change your look: Blue, Green, Grey, Hazel, Violet and Natural. Big Eyes 2 are suitable for everyday wear and are perfect for any occasion. It is more than just eye color; it is all about eye definition.

    Learn more about Big Eyes 2 by Clearvue

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